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    Symbol of and happiness

The carnation symbolizes heaven, the worldly and beauty; it represents nature and fertility. In essence, the carnation represents bliss and the purity of love.


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Crafting every single rug is a poetic and mysterious journey from selection of the yarn to weaving .

Journey that begins with shearing substantial wool of ‘yaylım’ lambs , grown in Konya and Afyon regions , continues with washing the fleece near spring banks and carding with hand combs. After drying the yarn  dying process starts. Yarns are dye in traditional large kettle by using natural colored contents of plants such as Walnut, chamomile , linden, pomegranate, yellowweed. After disposing the excess dye yarns become ready for weaving. Kilims are woven by Anatolian women on the traditional looms in their houses.



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